From being a journalist at ABC News, El Mundo and Elle, to mention a few, Ann-Louise Gulstad became the editor of the Norwegian magazine "Din Reportasje", which she also is the founder of. Ann-Louise's writing is of high quality and she has a way with her words that moves something deep inside of people. I am very grateful and proud to have my story be part of that.

The article starts on page 73 and carries the headline "GJENFORENT MED SEG SELV"  

I remember the first time we met, Ann-Louise and I. In a small cafe in Casa de Cultura in Alfaz del Pi, Spain. A friend of mine had told her about me, that she believed I had a story worth telling and music that deserved to be heard.

Ann-Louise was curious and excited when we sat down. She had this smile on her face as she put the earplugs in and I pushed play on my phone to let her listen to the song "Young Heart". Not long after, tears started running down her face and she looked at me in a way that I will never forget. "There is something to this music, Vibeke, something very special", she said before continuing; "I recognize the feeling I have inside right now, I have felt this once before! You see, years ago, when I was studying in France, I got to interview an artist that was giving a small concert to the students. She was not well known at that time, but I could just feel this enormous potential while talking to her that made me think; this is going to be something big!
It was Sheryl Crow right before her breakthrough."  




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